Fossil Collection at Indiana State Museum

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The fossil collection at the Indiana State Museum is a must-see for every paleontologist, student, teacher, scientist, geologist, or anyone interested in the Paleozoic Fossil during the Mississippian Age in the state of Indiana. Indiana was covered with crinoids during the Mississippian Age, and remnants of these sea animals remain in the sedimentary slabs of Southern Indiana. So often when the crinoid would die, it would fall apart. You find these crinoid remains on slabs of limestone. The head of the crinoid, the base of the crinoid, and the discs that make up the length of the crinoid are found scattered. We actually have recovered many crinoid fossils, and they can be seen here:

When you go see the fossil collection of the Indiana State Museum however, you get to see the finest crinoid fossils, with intact crinoids. Gazing upon a prehistoric sea animal like this is like viewing a snapshot from the past. This is different from dinosaur bones; this is the impression of the animal on stone, so you see what it looked like. We are not reconstructing them into something close to how they appeared on earth.
The stories that the museum provides are full of detail, and the fossil collection extends beyond crinoids. There are starfish, and brachiopods, and other varieties of Paleozoic fossil on display.
When you are viewing the fossil collection at the Indiana State Museum you are right beside the gem and mineral gallery, so you are in a great section of the museum.
When you go, email us in advance. We may join you if in Indiana for a rockhound trip.