Gem and Mineral Hall at Indiana State Museum

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The Gem and Mineral section of the Indiana State Museum is a must see for any rockhound, geologist, teacher, student, and anyone interested in the earth sciences or interested in the wonders of the state of Indiana.
What impressed me most was the variety of gem and minerals that had been discovered in Indiana. And I am even a Hoosier! I learned how calcite was found to the degree it was dubbed “Indiana calcite.” One of the most spectacular specimens is a giant calcite crystal beside which I am standing. Some of the other calcite crystals were found near Indianapolis as well.

You see my geology experience with the Hoosier state is primarily the sedimentary limestone of Southern Indiana that yields the geodes and crinoid fossils we display in our on-line gallery. Now the geodes will occasionally contain a large calcite crystal in its center, but I had never seen veins of calcite like I witnessed last week.
There is a wonderful geode case that ranges from chalcedony to the fine quartz crystal, not unlike the geodes you have seen on our site,,,except the museum’s are much cleaner and prettier! This trip was an inspiration to more carefully and professionally clean our Indiana geodes.
You are in rockhound paradise at the gem and mineral hall as it is adjacent to the fossil hall, which I will cover in a separate journal entry and photo gallery.
I had the good fortune, and privilege of meeting the Geology Curator of the museum, and her information was like a crash course in Indiana geology.
Like anytime that any of us are discussing gems, minerals, geodes, and fossils, the pictures of the specimens speak for themselves. These pale in comparison to seeing them in person, so when in Indianapolis, set aside an afternoon or morning to tour the Indiana State Museum, and email us as we may very well be in town, and would love to join you and give you a tour.