Wildacres - EFMLS

6 Rockhound Tips for attending Wildacres

  1. Mineral Museum - Schedule an extra hour before your arrival to stop off the Blue Ridge Parkway and visit The Museum of North Carolina Minerals!
    1. It's a "gem" and does a great job displaying minerals native to North Carolina.
  2. Carpool - Reach out to mineral clubs and find others to carpool with. It saves enough money to grab breakfast at a Cracker Barrel.
    1. Location - Little Switzerland, North Carolina - Bring a Map!
  3. Fog - The Blue Ridge mountains are very foggy at times.
    1. Drive slowly, carefully, and estimate longer than you may expect.
  4. Rock Swap - The Tailgate Swap offers a fun opportunity to buy and sell goods. One person's rock is another person's treasure. Minerals, metals, crystals are all favorites to barter.
  5. Collecting - You will want something in the Auction so bring spending cash.
    1. Maybe it will be a reclaimed silver bar, folk art collectible, Chalcedony Geode, just make sure you have extra money.
  6. Camera - Chronicle your lapidary, cabochon, etc. project from start to finish. It will be a treasure.

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Spring: May 20-26th
Fall: TBD

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Wildacres Retreat Classes
Beaded Bezel
Glass Engraving & Etching
Loop & Loop Chains
Lost Wax Casting
Soapstone carving
Viking Knit