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We are a source of geodes, minerals, gems, and fossils for collectors, academics in geology and paleontology, museums, and even interior design professionals. Rockhounding for unusual geodes, beautiful minerals, rare gems, and beautiful exotic crystals with positive energy keep us motivated. Some of our favorite finds are Indiana Geodes, NY Herkimer Diamonds, Connecticut Garnets, Kyanite, and Apache Peridot. We use a variety of tools for rockhounding including crack hammers, sledge hammers, demolition hammers, and 65lb jackhammers (lots of rockhound hammers) as well as diamond saws and soil pipe cutters. We enjoy researching and mining rocks and roadtrips while rockhounding across the USA.

Watch our video of the "Lost Geodes" in Indiana

Our Geodes are some of the finest natural Geodes on Earth. We specialize in Indiana Geodes and all Geodes are for sale and sourced directly from rockhound sites in Indiana, USA. Our Geode sizes range from 3 to 18 inches in diameter. Finding Geodes is hard work and we hand crack them to show the natural geological beauty inside these mysterious natural wonders. Hidden inside include fractal Quartz crystals, white Chalcedony, red chalcedony, blue chalcedony, Baryte minerals, Citrine, and various other favorite gems. Every cracked Geode is truly unique, collectible, and a wonder.

Rockhounding combines a sense of adventure with the science of exploration. We are continuously building a social rockhound community joining people far and near. Follow us on Twitter for our latest adventures and experience the joy of rockhounding. We strive to be kind and friendly in business and life. Do you have what it takes to be a rockhound?

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Rockhound Facts

Mohs Hardness Scale:
  • 10 - Diamond
  • 9 - Corundum/Ruby
  • 8 - Topaz/Emerald
  • 7 - Quartz/Herkimer
  • 6 - Feldspar
  • 5 - Topaz
  • 4 - Fluorite
  • 3 - Calcite
  • 2 - Gypsum
  • 1 - Talc
Famous Rockhounds: Gold Karats:
  • 24k Gold = 99.9%
  • 23k Gold = 95.83%
  • 22k Gold = 91.66%
  • 18k Gold = 75.00%
  • 14k Gold = 58.33%
  • 10k Gold = 41.66%
Silver Purity
  • Fine Silver = 99.9%
  • Sterling = 92.5%
  • Coin Silver = 90%
  • 10k+ Gold over Silver
  • Atleast 2.5 microns
  • Electrolysis or Gild

If you have questions about a gem, stone, fossil, or artifact that you have stumbled upon contact us via email or Twitter and we will try to help identify it with you.

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