Geodefest is this weekend in Hamilton, Indiana


This is a great educational, family-friendly and fun event to experience with all the family and every member of your gem and mineral club on this gorgeous first weekend of fall!

Here are details from the organizers:
Geodefest homepage

Here is an article about Geodefest in National Geographic:
From National Geographic website

lastly here is an article in the local newspaper about what to expect:
From The Hawkeye website

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Good luck at Geodefest everybody!

What you should bring for rockhounding and geode hunting, courtesy of American Geode:

A cheap dop-kit or toiletry kit is a great idea. Why? Because often times they are waterproof, and have zippers. You can wash them off too. Places like Target, Marshall’s, K-Mart, or Sears will carry inexpensive options.
Mosquito coils and matches are necessary, and we suggest having a minimum of 7 with you at all times. The bugs can be fierce no matter where you are. Mosquito coils last for hours and will burn away into ash.
Sunscreen is essential even in the outdoors. Bring the SPF Protection most suitable to how fair or how dark you are.
Rockhounding can get very dirty, so bring Wet-naps as they are very handy to clean off your hands quickly. They come in small travel packs. For some rockhounds they are too astringent to apply to one’s face, but personally I find it very refreshing. If you wear glasses these are very good for keeping your lenses clean, too.
Energy bars, candy bars, bananas, oranges, apples, and nuts are great for keeping up your energy and last the entire day. The wrappers are minimal waste to carry back, and the nut-shells, orange peels, and apple cores can disposed of by Mother Nature.
Small notepad and pen or pencil for keeping notes. Date, time, location, and details of your gemstone finds quickly fade the mind due to excitement. This information is essential for gemstone and mineral finds, since provenance is paramount to us and to our clients, and should be for you as well.
Cell-phone or mobile device charger – while you are driving to the locale, or the night before, making sure your devices are fully charged. You should place a call to family and loved ones before heading out and if you are running late. It is highly advised to put these items in protective zip lock bags to PROTECT from dirt and mud. Additionally, filming your finds can be a great way to record you adventure. The camera and video on your phone are perfect for preserving the wonder and amazement of finding a perfect gemstone.
This article is devoted to what you should have ready in a kit, for that last minute, spur of the moment, rockhound adventure. Please refer to our other articles on packing rockhound gear, outerwear, tools of the trade including styles, types, and weights of hammers, chisels, and crowbars, and articles on where and when to rockhound.

Fall Festival of Gems & Minerals

Fall Festival of Gems & Minerals (Fallbrook, CA)

Something for everyone at the Fall Festival of Gems & Minerals Oct. 9 from 9 am-4pm.
Museum & Gift Shop open Thu/Fri/Sat, 11:00 am — 3:00 pm
FREE PARKING / FREE ADMISSION Grand Re-Opening of Fluorescent Mineral Display
Mineral Panning – Geode Cracking Gemstone Identification
Wheel of Fortune
Silent Auctions – Fabulous Raffle!
Explore Earth Science Displays
Jewelry, Gem, Mineral & Fossil Vendors
Kiwanis Booth – Great Food!
123 W. Alvarado St., Fallbrook California

More information from the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce:

“The Joy of Rockhounding” – Award Winning Essay Re-Printed by Popular Demand

"The Joy of Rockhounding" - Award Winning Article Re-Printed by Popular Demand

"The Joy of Rockhounding" - Award Winning Article Re-Printed by Popular Demand
“The Joy of Rockhounding” – Award Winning Article Re-Printed by Popular Demand

The Joy of Rockhounding

I read an article in the New York Times, and have seen this story played out in commercials for modern day sitcoms. We are becoming so dependent on our phones, or on our laptops, and the social media sites that they contain, that we can not watch a television program with another person in the room without engaging an electronic device. The experience of watching TV or a movie, or reading, or being with someone else is not enough these days. The story I read talked about the generation upon us now, being born and taught to utilize a tiny screen at all times, even while a person, a teacher is standing before them speaking. According to the article, we crave as many distractions as possible, and they are not human, nor are the natural.

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35th Annual Henderson Cty Gem & Mineral Spectacular

Visit the Henderson County Gem & Mineral Club’s website for more information and a coupon!
Gem & Mineral Spectacular, Show and Sale, Sept. 2-5, 2016

35th Annual Henderson County Gem & Mineral Spectacular
“The World of Jaspers”
Friday-Sunday, Sept. 2-Sept. 4 10 am-6 pm
Monday, Sept. 5 10 am-5 pm
Whitmire Activity Center, 310 Lily Pond Rd
Featuring dealers selling minerals, gemstones,
jewelry, fossils; lapidary demonstrations (gemstone
cutting, jewelry making); gem and mineral exhibits;
hourly door prizes and snack bar. Admission: $4.00
Children 12 & under free when accompanied by
an adult. Free Parking. Sponsored by Henderson
County Gem & Mineral Society. For more
information call 828-877-4073.
Visit the website for a coupon!
Gem & Mineral Spectacular, Show and Sale, Sept. 2-5, 2016

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