New Jersey and New York Gem and Mineral Shows

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New Jersey and New York Gem and Mineral Shows
Great rock shows in New Jersey and New York are as cool as great food, great comedy shows, and great nightlife.
Here is a list of upcoming mineral and rock shows in New Jersey and New York. New York and New Jersey are both VERY popular states for gem, mineral, and rock shows! Buy your stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts in advance!
Contact American Geode through email if you are in charge of mineral and rock shows, and we will post them. Contact American Geode if you would like to learn more best practices of attending, and having the best time at the mineral and rock shows. American Geode are the mineral and rock show experts and we attend or deal at many of the New York gem and mineral shows.

July 11 – September 28
“Summer Gems”an Exhibition of
Nihonga Paintings and Minerals
Sato Sakura Gallery at 501 West 20th Street, New York
A gallery collaboration between Wilensky and Sakura;
visit for info.
July 27-28 38th Annual Gem & Mineral Show
Mattituck High School,
15125 Main Road, Mattituck, NY
Sponsor: Long Island Mineral & Geology Society
(LIMAGS); Info:
August 9-11 East Coast Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show
Better Living Center, Eastern States
Exposition, West Springfield, MA
Largest Show in the East! 200+ Dealers!
August 17 Gem and Mineral Show and Sale
Morris Museum , Morristown, New Jersey
Sponsor: Morris Museum Mineralogical Society
September 21 – 22 Mid-Hudson Valley Gem and Mineral Show & Sale
Gold’s Gym, Poughkeepsie, NY 50th
Anniversary Show!; Theme: “Pyrite . . . Don’t be
Fooled”; Pyrite Exhibit by Vassar College
October 12-13 South Jersey Gem, Jewelry, Mineral & Fossil Show
1721 Springdale Road Cherry Hill, New Jersey
November 9-10 Fall NYC Gem, Mineral, Jewelry & Fossil Show
Grand Ballroom, Watson Hotel,
New York City
25+ High Quality Dealers; NYMC Booth; Lecture on Both Days; Wholesale Section

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Rock Shows
Rock Shows

Jewelry, Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show and Sale

Fossil Show

Jewelry, Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show and Sale is August 18-20 in South Bend, Indiana!

Fossil Show
Fossil Show

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Rockhounding Outcrops and found the Star Wars Truck

So Joe and I last year were in North Carolina for a rockhounding trip, cruising with friends in our extra long van the “Rockhound Express,” stopping at various outcrops and cracking away with our hammers before hopping back into the van. Well we come to a point in the day when we need some water, Red Bull, snacks and beer for later.

Then walking out of this chain grocery store, there sitting double-parked in front of the entrance/exit is the “Star Wars” truck. This dude must really like Star Wars is what we all commented to one another. We looked at the license plate, and while it did read a pun off of a shortened version of the name “Hillbilly,” otherwise the truck reflected a safe enough soul, and we waited for him, or her to exit the grocery store.

As the photos reflect, you can make out all the major Star Wars heroes and heroines, and the enemies from the first three, chronologically speaking here, of the Star Wars chapters. Notice the “Darth Maul” that shows a Star Wars timeline while Anakin Skywalker was still with us.

Finally the occupant of the truck exits the store, and I approach him like a correspondent from “60 Minutes” and ask “sir, can you tell me about the truck please?”

He proceeds to share that a buddy of his owed him quite a sum of money. I forget if it was gambling related, or payment for some work on the house, or plumbing,,,something like that. He said the dude could not pay him, but he was a talented artist. Now the owner of the truck was a “hillbilly” who admired the Star Wars movies, so he asked the dude to detail his truck with scenes from the 6 Star Wars films.

Now here is the kicker,,,the owner of the truck went on to say, that the painter had a bit of a drug problem, and half of the truck was painted while he was clean, and the other half of the truck was painted while the artist was on crystal meth!

I will let you decide which side was painted under a crystal meth high,,,
Attachment 2

Attachment 1

Attachment 3