New Jersey and New York Gem and Mineral Shows

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New Jersey and New York Gem and Mineral Shows
Great rock shows in New Jersey and New York are as cool as great food, great comedy shows, and great nightlife.
Here is a list of upcoming mineral and rock shows in New Jersey and New York. New York and New Jersey are both VERY popular states for gem, mineral, and rock shows! Buy your stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts in advance!
Contact American Geode through email if you are in charge of mineral and rock shows, and we will post them. Contact American Geode if you would like to learn more best practices of attending, and having the best time at the mineral and rock shows. American Geode are the mineral and rock show experts and we attend or deal at many of the New York gem and mineral shows.

July 11 – September 28
“Summer Gems”an Exhibition of
Nihonga Paintings and Minerals
Sato Sakura Gallery at 501 West 20th Street, New York
A gallery collaboration between Wilensky and Sakura;
visit for info.
July 27-28 38th Annual Gem & Mineral Show
Mattituck High School,
15125 Main Road, Mattituck, NY
Sponsor: Long Island Mineral & Geology Society
(LIMAGS); Info:
August 9-11 East Coast Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show
Better Living Center, Eastern States
Exposition, West Springfield, MA
Largest Show in the East! 200+ Dealers!
August 17 Gem and Mineral Show and Sale
Morris Museum , Morristown, New Jersey
Sponsor: Morris Museum Mineralogical Society
September 21 – 22 Mid-Hudson Valley Gem and Mineral Show & Sale
Gold’s Gym, Poughkeepsie, NY 50th
Anniversary Show!; Theme: “Pyrite . . . Don’t be
Fooled”; Pyrite Exhibit by Vassar College
October 12-13 South Jersey Gem, Jewelry, Mineral & Fossil Show
1721 Springdale Road Cherry Hill, New Jersey
November 9-10 Fall NYC Gem, Mineral, Jewelry & Fossil Show
Grand Ballroom, Watson Hotel,
New York City
25+ High Quality Dealers; NYMC Booth; Lecture on Both Days; Wholesale Section

If you would like more info on New Jersey or New York Gem and Mineral Shows and rockhound clubs click on the American Geode News page for up to date listings and links to Gem Show, Mineral Show, and Fossil Show announcements. American Geode updates our rockhound news twice an hour and showcase the top mineral shows and rockhound news in the USA and the World. Also, follow American Geode on Twitter for even more rockhound events, commentary, and laughable quips from American Geode.

Rock Shows
Rock Shows

Montgomery Gem, Mineral & Jewelry Show

jewelry show

Montgomery Gem, Mineral & Jewelry Show

The 48th Annual Montgomery Gem, Mineral & Jewelry Show
Nov. 30 – Dec. 2, 2018

Garrett Coliseum
1555 Federal Drive
Montgomery, Alabama

Show Times:
Friday, November 30: 9 AM – 6 PM
Saturday, December 1: 10 AM – 6 PM
Sunday, December 2: 11 AM – 5 PM

$2/Adults or $3 for weekend pass
Free/18 & Under with student ID and 1 paid adult ticket.

Free Parking.

Free door prize ticket with each paid adult admission.

Dealers will have beads, crystals, geodes, rough, cabochons, gem stones,
finished jewelry, tools, supplies and mineral & fossil specimens. Club
members will display their individual collections and will give
demonstrations on gem and rock cutting, faceting and cabochon making.

$1 Wheel of Fortune.

Web Site:


Montgomery Gem and Mineral Society Club Purpose:
To cooperate with educational and scientific institutions or other groups engaged in increasing the knowledge and popular interest in Geology, Mineralogy, the Lapidary Arts and related subjects.
To foster the cultural aspects of, and the comradeship engendered by the study of Geology, Mineralogy, the Lapidary Arts and related subjects.
To cooperate or affiliate with similar clubs and societies.
To provide means and make arrangements for the exhibition of collections at exposition, fairs, and other public gatherings.
All the assets, property and funds of the Society shall be devoted to the furtherance of the primary objectives and purposes of the Society. Its works, purposes and objectives are primarily educational, recreational, and social; and are solely in the interests of the advancement of its members, and of the public along scientific and educational lines.

Santa Cruz Mineral and Gem Show

gem show

Santa Cruz Mineral and Gem Show

mineral show
gem show

Gems, Jewelry, Fossils, Rocks, Minerals, Crystals, Lapidary Art

Sat & Sun, November 17 & 18, 2018, 10 am to 5 pm

Live Oak Grange, 1900 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA. FREE PARKING AND ADMISSION – FAMILY FRIENDLY,

About the Santa Cruz Mineral and Gem Society:
The object of this society shall be to unite and associate those persons who are interested in the study and collecting of minerals and gemstones; for the mutual improvement in the art of cutting and polishing gem or semi-gem material; and for increasing the knowledge of its members about the various earth sciences.
Educational Activities are an important objective of SCMGS is supporting and fostering education regarding geology, lapidary arts, jewelry making, and earth sciences.

Organized May 1949

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Live Oak Grange Hall , 1900 17th Avenue in Santa Cruz (Live Oak).

The general meetings involve a short board meeting including public announcements and open discussions. An organized educational presentation is given after a short social break and raffle. Junior participation is encouraged and guests are always welcome.

Applications for membership may be made at the meeting. Dues are $25 for individuals, $35 for families at the same address. Dues are due October 1st of each year.

Our monthly newsletter, “The Lapidarian”, includes announcements of field trips and other club related events, shows to see, interesting and informative articles on geology, lapidary and other aspects of our hobby, upcoming presentations, committee reports and more fun than you can shake a petrified wood stick at.

In addition to our annual show, field trips, and rock shop (follow the links at the top of the page) there is available for member checkout, a variety of literature featuring Geology, Paleontology, Jewelry fabrication, Gem Encyclopedia and more.

Tulip City Gem & Mineral Club presents their 49th Annual Show: “Agates are Superior!” in Holland, Michigan

mineral show

Tulip City Gem & Mineral Club presents their 49th Annual Show: “Agates are Superior!” in Holland, Michigan. Details at Collect special rocks, fossils, jewelry and beads by visiting 10+ Dealers, Artisan Market, Silent Auction and Club Sales. View special displays by A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum, GVSU and Hope College. Enjoy Kids Games, Sluice, Fluorescent Tent and club members’ personal displays. Interact with the Lapidary Arts demonstrators. You will find common, strange and precious treasures to take home!

mineral show
mineral show

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Rockhounding Sites in Maine


Rockhounding in Maine, is some great rockhounding, in fact some of the best rockhounding the American Geode team has ever experienced because of the ease and accessibility of the Maine mines! American Geode went on a rockhounding (and foodie) tour of Maine in May 2018, and found the quarries very accessible, easy to find, and full of mica.

American Geode followed the attached map, and found access to two of the mines, the ones off of Richardson Hollow Road, the Waisanen and Tamminen Quarrie
Driving: From jct. of Rtes. 117 and 118 in Norway, go west on Rte. 118 for 0.95 mile.
Turn right onto Greenwood Road and drive north west 5.30 miles.
Turn right onto Richardson Hollow Road and continue 0.40 mile to parking area on the right. Waisanan Quarry and Tamminen Quarry are .1 miles further down the road.

The American Geode found plenty of fine mica, and had a great time, and the reason we did not find other minerals as that we simply ran out of time. We suggest setting aside the day for rockhounding and exploring the area.

It’s hot in Maine in May, and there are a lot of bugs, so do take precautions, take plenty of water, and follow these rules:

A cheap dop-kit or toiletry kit is a great idea. Why? Because often times they are waterproof, and have zippers. You can wash them off too. Places like Target, Marshall’s, K-Mart, or Sears will carry inexpensive options.

Mosquito coils and matches are necessary, and we suggest having a minimum of 7 with you at all times. The bugs can be fierce no matter where you are. Mosquito coils last for hours and will burn away into ash.

Sunscreen is essential even in the outdoors. Bring the SPF Protection most suitable to how fair or how dark you are.

Rockhounding can get very dirty, so bring Wet-naps as they are very handy to clean off your hands quickly. They come in small travel packs. For some rockhounds they are too astringent to apply to one’s face, but personally I find it very refreshing. If you wear glasses these are very good for keeping your lenses clean, too.

Energy bars, candy bars, bananas, oranges, apples, and nuts are great for keeping up your energy and last the entire day. The wrappers are minimal waste to carry back, and the nut-shells, orange peels, and apple cores can be disposed of by Mother Nature.

Small notepad and pen or pencil for keeping notes. Date, time, location, and details of your gemstone finds quickly fade the mind due to excitement. This information is essential for gemstone and mineral finds, since provenance is paramount to us and to our clients, and should be for you as well.

Cell-phone or mobile device charger – while you are driving to the locale, or the night before, making sure your devices are fully charged. You should place a call to family and loved ones before heading out and if you are running late. It is highly advised to put these items in protective zip lock bags to PROTECT from dirt and mud. Additionally, filming your finds can be a great way to record you adventure.

Please contact American Geode directly with any questions; pictures and videos are below, as well as a map for you to download. #GetoutandRockhound

More information and reference about rockhounding sites in Maine:
Rockhound Sites in Maine