Geode Hunt in remote Southern Indiana

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Last weekend two-thirds of the American Geode team assembled in Indiana to re-stock the New York City geode inventory. The past 3 visits had proven cold, dreary, and uncomfortable, but this season we struck luck with a bright, beautiful day.  We took the truck out past 2 soybean fields, to the edge of the woods, then about quarter mile hike you arrive to the dried river bottom and the geodes washed out of Indiana limestone millions of years ago at the end of the Ice Age.

We had Scotty the geode beagle with us, and another younger dog whose name I forget.

We collected some beautiful geodes, white chalcedony with a huge calcite crystal in the center, also chalcedony surrounding baryte crystals. We also recovered some very large ones to take back to Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market.

These geodes will find new homes with collectors, who may never have the chance to visit remote Southern Indiana, interior designers who decorate spaces with natural geodes, or to artists who can use them in any art project they like!

One of the most exciting geodes is arguable the largest Midwestern geode we recovered using chains and a Ford F-150. Take a look at this chained beast.

Now this weekend, with the geodes back in New York City, we are cleaning them in our Hell’s Kitchen studio, and preparing them for sale via the site, appointment, and the market.

Rockhounding Photo Gallery

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