Peridot is the August Birthstone

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Peridot is the August birthstone, and we have one of the finest collections of rough and faceted peridot you will find, and the story to prove it.
Joe, one of the American Geode Co-Founders and Owners, has family in Arizona. The man visits Arizona on a regular basis to see his family. Arizona also has arguably the finest peridot in the world, found in their Apache Indian mines. Now the mines are strictly guarded, and off-limits to anyone but the Apaches.

Well Joe was in the area, not mining mind you, but touring the area for other rockhound options, and hunting for local antiques and antiquities. While out on the lonesome highway he happened upon a family whose truck was having problems. Joe obliged and helped them get their truck running again, and in return they offered to Joe buckets of rough peridot they had recently mined from their mine!
Joe nor I had any idea we would become a primary source of rough, and now faceted peridot, but thanks to Joe’s goodwill, and stroke of luck, we now have peridot to share with our rockhound, lapidary and jewelry friends.
Below are photos of the rough peridot, and photos of the now faceted peridot we have in our inventory.
Check the following links to acquire this peridot for your collection, to have set in earrings, rings or other jewelry.
Peridot from the American Geode collection
Peridot from the American Geode Etsy shop

rough peridot
Round 4mm Width X 4mm Height 2p5 Depth p60CT Peridot_crop

Pear 5mm Width X 9mm Height X 4mm Depth 1p25CT Peridot_crop

Oval 5mm Width X 7mm Height X 4mm Depth 1p05CT Peridot_crop

Rectangle 4mm Width X 6mm Height X 3mm Depth p55CT_crop