American Geode
Little Geodes

SemiPrecious Definition

Usually a colored faceted stone intended for Jewelry.

Affordable to very expensive.

Examples: Garnets, Peridot, & Citrine.

Idaho Gem Facts

Unofficially known as the Gem State.

Star garnets found in significant quantities.

Peridot & Gems

Peridot is of the Olivine mineral family and one of the only minerals found in outerspace in meteorites in addition to on Earth. Our Peridot is sourced directly from the San Carlos Apache Indian reserve in beautiful Arizona. We had the rough faceted. The finished gem quality Peridot is regally green with slight inclusions. All Peridot are sold as loose stones and images may be enlarged for viewing.

Sew on patch
6 dollar

Peridot - Round

Peridot - Round Pair

Peridot - Rectangle

Peridot - Pear Shape