Interior Design Geodes

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On Thursday we spent the day working on an interior design project at a Boston hedge fund who wanted to decorate their lobby with large, natural geodes. So we drove from New York City to Boston with 4 crates in the back of a rental car to fulfill this order.  They had one large amethyst geode on display, but remarked that all the amethyst geodes were the same, and they were aware how often they are heated, and the gray outer shell often looks painted too.

Ours, on the other hand, from remote part of Indiana, were varied, colorful with yellow baryte, red chalcedony, yellowish chalcedony, and they looked great against a wood grain.  We “modeled” the geodes against numerous surfaces, and at the end of the session, the amethyst geode was in the broom closet, and a pair of large geodes were on one table, and the largest geode was on display on the conference room.

In addition to interior design with geodes, we hosted a luncheon where we spoke about how geodes are formed, how you find geodes, “what is a geode,” and why natural geodes look so good against wood, metal, or other stone.

We have other large geodes for interior design, so if you are decorating an office, a cabin, if you are an interior designer or interior decorator, please contact us. We are in New York City.

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