Geode Hunting in Indiana

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Part of the American Geode team were able to assemble in Indiana for geode hunting before winter began. Our focus was size, and quality, so we left behind many crystal and quartz specimens in order to recover the large blue, and uncommon chalcedony variety of geode. This short video highlights the largest blue chalcedony geode we recovered.

This was especially fun because a member of the team’s son was able to join us, and he a natural at rockhounding, just like their geode hunting beagle Scotty who also appears in the video.

This post is intentionally short as the video and pictures better represent the day’s outcome.

Here are some tips however for geode hunting:

1. Mosquitos are heavy in the summer bring bug spray.
2. Since many of the geodes are in or beside the water, make sure your boots are water-proof. I do not recommend waders because you are still hiking through the woods, so you need a hiking boot that is water-proof.
3. Bring cloth or fabric, or heavy plastic bags that can be folded for your trip down, and then unfurled for your trip back when they are full of geodes. Make sure they have strong handles.
4. Geode hunting is wonderful exercise, but it is exercise. Bring some pwer drinks, and fruit like a banana, apple, orange or nuts – something you can dispose of responsibly in the woods.
5. Wear gloves and bring a second pair of gloves in case yours tear, get soaked, or too dirty to remain helpful and protective.
6. Stretch periodically and swing your arms about as you are doing a lot of leaning over, and leaning down turning over each geode.

Good luck. #GetOutandRockhound

Introducing Scotty the Geode-Sniffin’ Beagle