Gem and Mineral Shop in Cleveland, Georgia.

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While in Northern Georgia, visiting places like the Dahlonega Gold Museum, we drove by a gem and mineral shop called Rocks, Relics, and Beads (5419 U.S. 129, Cleveland, GA 30528). Thank you Lord it was open!
This gem and mineral shop is run by a very informative, gregarious veteran of the US Military who is also a rockhound. In the back of the shop we spied his lapidary saws and wheels.

The shop itself is full of rough stones, fossils, arrowheads, and then there is a very large section of polished beads on strands, and inside display cases are the fine precious and semi-precious gems.
My lady-friend was offered a full tour of the shop, I got to listen, and shop to my delight while they were chatting. My ears perked up 3 to 4 times as the gentleman had some semi-precious gem or jewel he was sharing with her after exclaiming “It’ll blow your mind.”
The gentleman had some antiques, many out of print gem and mineral books, and he said he keeps buying estates from people who contact him, as much as he is trying to sell everything and move to Quartzsite!
So just like best practice at a gem and mineral show, if you are in the Northern Georgia area, either Cleveland, Dahlonega, Helen, or Gainesville, stop at an ATM and take cash to get the gentleman’s best prices.
With Dahlonega nearby, we were not surprised, but delighted to see some miniature animal fetishes covered in Dahlonega gold gilt.
Tell the gentleman that “American Geode sen’cha,” and if you arrive during business hours, I think 10 to 5, it is posted beside the door, if no one in the shop, he advised us to hit the buzzer beside the door a half dozen times, and he will be “right with you.”
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