Antiques Roadshow Tips and Tricks

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Antiques Roadshow comes to New York City, and the rockhounds from American Geode had to be there.  We had volunteered weeks in advance from our PBS Channel 13’s homepage. We did not know what our jobs were going to be, or what the day would entail.

We did learn one Antiques Roadshow tip straight away. No stamps, no coins,,,,and no fossils! Alas no fossils, but as most rockhounds are also collecting aficianados, and we also deal in antiques, antiquities, and folk art, we were able to conjure up some items for appraisal. More on that later…

Now when you go to Antiques Roadshow, we strongly suggest you follow this advice:

1. Bring a book or magazine, or Walkman or Gameboy. You will appreciate something to help pass the time as you want in a line. Granted the lines and the organized is optimized by Antiques Roadshow staff and volunteers, but when you consider how many in your city will bring a watch, or a print, or a painting, as opposed to a textile, folk art, or doll, then you can imagine that some lines are longer than others and you can complete a few chapters of your favorite read.

2. Bring a friend. Whilst standing in line, should you like to freshen up, get a soda or pretzel or water, a friend with you in line to hold you spot mind you, is a friend indeed. Remember one ticket per person however! So your friend should also  want two items for appraisal.

3. You are not supposed to have your cell-phone or mobile device on once you enter the area where you wait for your appraisal. There is already plenty of video-taping and filming going on, so no need for amateur footage, and talking on the phone would simply inconvenience your Antique Roadshow comrades around you.  So make your phone calls, send your texts, and take your photos as you approach.

4. Antiques Roadshow is an exciting experience, and they hope, as much you do, that your piece will provide a nest egg, pay for college tuition, or pay down your mortgage. Keep in mind how few items actually are rare, and valuable however, and think less of monetary value, and more about learning the origin, provenance, care for your piece, and think of monetary value secondarily, and you will have a more fulfilling Antiques Roadshow all around.

Now our highlights,,,,Joe had a great Boy Scout set that consisted of a compass, appraised as its in perfect condition for around $35, and a Boy Scout pocklet knife, the style that consisted of a spoon, fork, and knife, and much to his surprise its value was $25.

Thank you Antiques Roadshow for a fun day, see you next year, and if you would like to hear more about our experience at Antiques Roadshow, or what to expect when Antiques Roadshow comes near your hometown, please email us.

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