Gem and Mineral Club Nov and Dec Newsletters

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From attending, volunteering, and being members of gem and mineral clubs in New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, and attending camps, seminars and intra-club retreats with people from all over the United States, we consider ourselves gem, mineral, and fossil club aficionados. So whether you are considering joining a gem and mineral show for the first time that perhaps you found on our Events page, or you are a veteran of gem and mineral clubs, these newsletters will prove to be a valuable resource on what to expect from a gem and mineral club and how to have more fun.

These gem and mineral club newsletters are full of facts, insight, instruction, and information on how to join them. Enjoy these samples, and we hope you join these clubs. I remain a member of clubs in other states in order to receive their monthly newsletter and invitations to rockhounding field trips. Many field trips are to locales that are either private, or only open to organized groups, such as gem and mineral clubs. The gem and mineral clubs are affordable ways to pursue your hobby, and the information they provide monthly are invaluable ways to pursue your hobby. If you contact any of these clubs, tell ’em American Geode sen’cha! Now #GetOutandRockhound
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