Santa Cruz Gem, Mineral, Fossil and Jewelry Show in April!

Jewelry Show
Mineral, Gem, Fossil and Jewelry Show
67th Annual Mineral, Gem, Fossil and Jewelry Show
Wizards, Crystals & Treasures
Sat & Sun • April 28 & 29 • 10 am – 5 pm
Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium
Lecture Daily

Activities for All Ages
Gold Panning, Kids crafts, Rocks that GLOW Treasure Hunt (score wizard crystals treasure!) and Geode Cutting

Cabochon making, Arrowhead Knapping and Hands on Soapstone Carving

$6 Admission, Children under 12 & Scouts in Uniform Free
$1 Off With A Printout Of The Flyer
Mineral, Gem, Fossil and Jewelry Show

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