NEW and UNUSUAL Crystal Local Discovery in North Georgia

We heard from a new friend here in North Georgia about a location near Toccoa, Georgia that may have crystals. With a vague description of the locale, the outcrop and the erosion that exposes the crystals, I set off on a Sunday morning drive to a remote area in North Georgia.

At first I spent two hours scanning and scouring the eroded outcrop along the side of an unmarked gravel road. I found a lovely creek, some giant old trees, and was in the secluded peaceful woods of North Georgia. I gave up, got back in my truck and left. After about a quarter mile down the main road, I saw another unmarked gravel road, and quickly turned down it.

After slowly spanning the outcrop, scanning for crystals, scanning for anything, I found it. I saw crystals splattered among an eroded hill and outcrop on the side of this road.

The hills and raised earth and outcrops were along the ENTIRETY of this road, but in one specific area for about 20 feet, I found crystals and quartz points.

From examining the locale, and how tight the area was with crystals, I believe this was once a quartz vein that the geographic and geologic activity caused to “uproot” and almost “explode.” This is in the area near the North Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains, so very likely the geologic events that gave us the mountains of North Georgia, also brought this quartz vein to the surface.

From nearly a decade of rockhounding, American Geode knows when a site has been discovered, and picked over, and this locale was pristine, virgin, and untouched. We could find no description of a site like this on any other mineral and rockhounding website. American Geode believes this is a NEW and UNUSUAL quartz location in North Georgia. We took plenty of pictures and filmed two videos of this special quartz crystal site.

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