Cave House Museum of Mining and Geology Show

Cave House Museum of Mining and Geology Show of jewelry, gems, minerals, and fossils is September 28-29, 2019!

Cave House Museum
Cave House Museum

Welcome to the Cave House Museum 2019 Jewelry, Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show and Sale!!
Dates and Times: Saturday September 28, 2019 from 9-5 and Sunday September 29, 2019 from 9-4.
Show setup begins at 2PM on Friday, September 27, 2019.
Venue: The Pavilion at Howe Caverns, 255 Discovery Drive Howes Cave, NY 12092. This is an indoor
venue with heat and electricity and will be locked overnight. The facility has room for 24 booths.
Proceeds: Proceeds will go towards completing the renovation of the historic Cave House Museum of
Mining and Geology. The museum is an educational, not-for- profit organization that provides educational
opportunities for the children of all ages and promotes the history of the Howes Cave area, the need for
mining and the importance of geology in modern life.

About the Cave House Museum:

A new era began for Howe Caverns on April 19, 2007 when the 220 shareholders of Howe Caverns, Inc. sold the company to two local men, Charles M. Wright and Emil J. Galasso. Both men vowed to invest several million dollars in improvements to Howe Caverns over the coming years.

Mr. Galasso is also the founder of the Cave House Museum of Mining & Geology on the site of the original Howe’s Cave located on land adjacent to Howe Caverns. The vision for the future of these properties includes joining the present Howe Caverns to Lester Howe’s original cave on the site of the museum so that visitors may see the natural wonder as they did in the 19th century.

The new owners continue to fulfill their vision for a renewed Howe Caverns to expand the tour beyond the current Lake of Venus. Eventually, this work will unite the entire cave system as it was found when Lester Howe discovered it in 1842. Walkways, lights and bridges will need to be installed. The 875 feet of cave destroyed by mining in the early 1900’s will need to be recreated.

Since 2007, visitors can now view the Cave House Museum at various times during the year.
The Cave House Museum is a restoration project and is expected to take several years for completion.

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