2017 Annual Gem and Mineral Show in Tulip City!

Gem and Mineral Show
Gem and Mineral Show


Rock, Mineral & Jewelry Show: “Geodes – Hidden Treasure” held Sept 15-17 in Holland, MI. 
A great gem and mineral show coming to beautiful Holland, Michigan by our friends with the Tulip City Gem and Mineral Club.

This is an excellent group of skilled, knowledgable and fun rockhounds and gem and mineral professionals. Some of the best in the mineral business will be at this gem and mineral show that attracts the world class dealers and collectors, as well as academics, rockhounds, families and casual collectors.
Be sure to “tell ’em American Geode sen’cha!” The good folks at the entrance will get a kick out of hearing that you are also friends with American Geode. American Geode has spent time in Holland, on our own proprietary prospecting missions and we attest to the beauty of Michigan, and the fun you can have at this show. Plan your trip in advance and take advantage of the state and national parks, museums and historic landmarks in the area.

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Watch a short video here for gem, mineral and fossil show tips from the experts!

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