A Rockhound in Coronavirus Lockdown

New York City instituted a strict stay at home order last month. We have been following it closely, so rockhounding must wait. In the meantime, here is an anecdote about how this stay at home order has impacted a member of the American Geode team:

We adopted a second senior dog right before coronavirus locked down New York City. We like to take in senior dogs, the ones with the toughest odds. 
Here is how coronavirus impacted us:Archie is a fixer-upper, and one of the problems he suffers from is separation anxiety. We had about a day to work on leaving the apartment for 15-30 minutes, for laundry or to get a beer before coronavirus lockdown hit. We planned to gradually expand the amount of time that Archie was home alone, but with coronavirus, we are now always together, all of the time.
So we have resolved now that Archie will just have to go with us everywhere, once this all passes. How in the hell would we resume separation anxiety training after a shut-in where the farthest apart we are from Archie is when one of us goes into the bathroom.