November 2015 New York Gem and Mineral Show Discount Ticket

November 2015 New York Gem Mineral Show Discount Ticket

Print out this discount coupon, or show it from your phone at the entry booth!

Our friends at the New York Mineralogical Club and Excalibur Mineral Corp. are hosting the November gem and mineral show here in New York City.

This is a gem and mineral show we attend every year. As you enter the show, your first exchange will be with the New York Mineralogical Club, our beloved home base, and you will have a chance to join the club, or just learn about the club. Join the club however for some great prizes and gifts.

Now the show itself is full of the top dealers in and around New York City. You will have the chance to acquire very fine high-end pieces, very large display mineral and geode specimens, museum grade fossils, interesting one-of-a-kind artwork, as well as fine gemstone jewelry.

Make the trip the beginning or part of your day in New York City. You are not far from the American Museum of Natural History, and very close to the American Folk Art Museum, which is free admission.

We hope to see you there. Contact us via our “Contact Us” button if you would like to meet at the show, or at the hotel bar or after the show!

Print out this discount coupon, or show it from your phone at the entry booth!

November 2015 New York Gem Mineral Show Discount Ticket

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Smoky Quartz Mining in Devil’s Head, Colorado

Colorado is famous for gems, smoky quartz in this locale, minerals, rockhounding, prospecting and mining. Joe and I certainly experienced that in the spring when a friend and mineral dealer hosted us for a weekend of mining, prospecting and rockhounding.
We drove for many hours through through the Pike National Forest, where one finds Pike’s Peak, until we came to an area, a mountain side known as “Devil’s Head.” Now this style of rockhounding means you take a pick-axe, start mining to clear overgrowth and topsoil, and once you hit the surface rock, you are surprisingly close to the layer where one finds smoky quartz.
Joe was very lucky and discovered a vein of smoky quartz with the first spot he chose. I was not so lucky, but we did see the the beauty and majesty of Pike’s Peak and the entire Pike National Forest.

If you have the jeep to make this long drive, over dirt roads, we recommend this rockhounding trip. Take plenty of water, more than you would normally as the height where you are does dehydrate you much more quickly than when you rockhound elsewhere. The air is so dry, and you are at such a height you don’t sweat, so you can’t tell how dehydrated you are becoming.

Colorado is a beautiful natural treasure in America. If you get the chance just to drive through the Pike National Forest, opt for it.
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Pegmatite and Amazonite Mining in Lake George, CO

Joe, our friend Leonard and I drove for nearly three hours, through the National Forest containing Pike’s Peak, up 15 degree inclines that felt like 22 degree inclines to get to this private claim to crack pegmatite in search of amazonite. The whole notion of private claims fascinates me, and is something I will write about in the future. This gentleman who was hosting us there had staked a claim to this public land in the National Park, for the purpose of mining. Now there are fees, and papers to file, and annual steps to follow, but to have a mining area to yourself is something that ended up appealing very much to Joe and myself.
The game plan was simple – find a spot, and start clearing the topsoil and coverage, hit rock, and start mining.
This kind of mining in Colorado requires a lot more luck than Herkimer Diamond for instance. There is simply such a vast area in these Colorado claims that you really have to decide to devote your time to one hole, digging deeper and deeper, or do you hit more areas, seeking more pockets, and spread out.
We had a crew of 5, 6 if you include the canine friend seen in the photos, and while none of us hit a grand jackpot pocket, we did uncover some very nice amazonite that we were able to sell very quickly a month later to some collectors at the Herkimer Gem Show.
I don’t know how to recommend this mining expedition, or how to grade it or offer hints. It was a private claim, and I will likely never return. But this adventure was an inspiration for me to learn more about staking a claim. If you are near New York, and would like to discuss the whole process of staking a claim, please “Contact Us” through our site.
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Gem and Mineral Clubs near New York

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Are you interested in joining a gem and mineral club? Are you a gem, mineral or fossile enthusiast? We are collecting the contact details for gem and mineral clubs in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and in one listing.
Please feel free to share this link over Facebook or your own club’s homepage.
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