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Herkimer Diamond Terminology


Cloudy and milky, light does not pass through.


Clear light does pass through. Etymology is Latin Trans meaning through or passing through and Lucent meaning glow or light.


The most desirable Herkimer Diamonds are translucent and unfractured allowing light to cleary pass through. Some rare varieties include rainbows and smoky colors.

2nd Annual Herkimer Gem Show

Erie Canal Cruises Herkimer NY

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Mohs Scale

Mineral Hardness
Relative Scale
  • 10 = More hardness
  • 1 = Less Hardness
    1. Diamond
    2. Corundum
    3.     - Ruby & Sapphire
    4. Topaz
    5. Herkimer Diamond
    6. Feldspar
    7. Apatite
    8. Flourite
    9. Calcite
    10. Gypsum
    11. Talc

    'Herkimer Diamonds' - Unofficial Mineral of New York State

    Herkimer Diamonds are found in upstate New York. These exceptionally clear quartz crystals are double terminated and require very little cleaning as they are naturally faceted. Herkimer Diamonds do require a great deal of work to retrieve. The dolostone they are found in is extremely hard and although it can be broken with a crack hammer more modern tools are better suited.

    Best Herkimer Diamond Mine Video

    American Geode loves finding Herkimer Diamonds. In fact, the team makes 3-4 extended trips a year to beautiful upstate New York to mine for Herkimer Diamonds. Herkimer Diamond values vary greatly. As a rule of thumb, the bigger and clearer the Herkimer Diamond the better and more valuable. Herkimer Diamonds were already in the press in early 2014 as New York State Senator James Seward shepherded legislation through the New York Senate to make the Herkimer Diamond our state mineral. Rockhound fans and friends, we are not done though. We have recently gained access to heretofore unmined and barren acres in the Herkimer County area on the same geologic slope and ledge as the traditional Herkimer Diamond mines. We are in consulation right now with the owner about constructing a pole-barn over this new Herkimer mine so we can mine year-round. Follow our rockhounding adventures on Twitter, and here to keep updated on this exciting new venture to discover the first new Herkimer Diamond mine of the 21st century.

    Herkimer Diamonds Collection

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